Thursday, October 15, 2009

This morning I am sitting at my computer wearing my comfortable robe. I am minutes away from brewing a wonderful smelling pot of coffee. I have gotten my children ready for school and sent them off on their way with my husband. On my agenda today: finish some design work, go to a hair appointment, run school play rehearsal and work on the details of the Spooky Goulash Bash for over 200 children. Somewhere in there I may even get a chance to have lunch with a friend. Oh, and there is a certificate in my wallet for a pedicure...if I felt like cramming that in as well.

Do you know what breaks my heart? There is a girl in Cambodia right now who is locked up and sitting in a dark room waiting in terror for the next man who will come in and rape her. Minutes, maybe hours after that, the next one will come in...and the next...and the next. That is her day.

I sit here every sense of the word. I am free to do all of those things I mentioned earlier. Free to hug my children and my husband. Free to get in the car and drive to see a friend or just to be pampered at a salon. I also have the ultimate freedom of living in Jesus Christ.

I've been extremely burdened over the last few days for these women who are experiencing the darkest, most vile evil I can imagine. As a Christian, I am heartbroken and moved with compassion. As a woman, I am infuriated. The problem of human trafficking is so much bigger than me but God has spoken to my heart that I can do something. From where ever I am, at any point of my day, I can pray. Is my faith so immature that I have forgotten that is the MOST powerful thing I can do? Is my unbelief so big that I forget at any moment Jesus Christ can make a way of escape for these women and children? In the midst of the tragedy God IS good! He alone can reach the women that I cannot.

Please pray! Pray for their salvation - physically and spiritually. Ask God to burden your heart. Ask Him to remind you of their plight when you have forgotten.

"Rescue the weak and needy;
Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked."

Psalm 82:4

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