Here is a list of blogs that I follow. Some of them are written by very close friends. Some of them are written by people I have never even met. They all have one thing in common - I enjoy reading them...and I hope you will too!

Amy Lynn | wife, mom, photographer & cook
Boo Mama | hilarious stories about life from a wife & mom
Pastor Ed Litton | mostly a documentation of dealing with grief after the death of his wife
Beth Moore | lover of God & His word with a passion for women to live in His freedom
Priscilla Shirer | wife, mom, lover of Jesus & teacher of His word
Scott Kavanaugh | my honey, who doesn't really blog but is really cute
Tim Bice | My senior pastor who desperately wants God to change our city
Jaye Bice | my best friend first, my Pastor's wife second, photographer and super sanguine
Blake Sims | my right arm and left side of my brain in the worship ministry
Kevin and Amanda | she blogs, she bakes, she designs - then she tells us how to do it too
Hayley Catt | friend whose body and mind is in Albany, GA but her heart is in Africa
Michael Catt | expositor of the Word of God
Stephanie Bennettwife, mom & writer/research assistant
Perry Noble | lover of Jesus, husband, dad, pastor-leader (in that order)
Ivy Laing | she glows. she glows because of Jesus. Her heart is in Peru.
Katy Edwards | one of my spiritual daughters & one of my armor bearers in ministry
Jackie Harmon | dear friend who moved away but never left my heart
The Pioneer Woman | wife of a rancher who cooks with butter & heavy cream
Jonathan McGuire | sunday school student who grew up to be my friend

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