Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We are trying something new in the Kavanaugh home - more structure. We aren't too laid back but we haven't been as structured as we need to be on a few details. This is week two of the new process and things are looking pretty good.
First of all there is diet. This is especially important for us because EE has Celiac Disease - an autoimmune disease which requires the elimination of wheat gluten from her diet. You can imagine what this means...no breads, cakes, cookies, etc. For the first year things were very hard for us. We NEVER knew what to eat and what not to eat. But that was six years ago. I've gotten very familiar with how to make something gluten free...and this requires me to make everything from scratch.
Eating out isn't totally out of the question. Up until a few weeks ago we were a family that ate out more than we ate in. A very busy schedule makes it almost impossible to eat at home. We have our regular spots where we know EE can find gluten free items. Here's the thing: a few times I have found onion rings (battered in wheat) in her french fries. (Yes, one little crumb can wreak havoc on her) There's also the fact that most of the things she can have are very high in fat and sugar. It makes me feel like the world's worst mom when I let her have those things.
So, one of the decisions we made was to park it at our dining room table. It has been quite fun as I have tried new recipes and even veggies that I have never eaten before. Some things have worked very well, some are mediocre and some...well, not so much. But it HAS been fun! It's also healthier. I know for a fact that every bite EE is putting into that cute tummy is good for her and will not cause her to be sick. THAT is worth i.
The second big change is "THE LIST". Have you ever been to the point that you realized you have been doing EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY? Well, Scott noticed this for me...and I'm glad he did. He's trying to help me see that the girls need to take a lot more responsibility than they have been. He made "THE LIST" that the girls have to check each morning and afternoon to make sure everything is done. From cleaning their room to making their own lunches the girls are doing their share! It's been so nice to move that burden from my shoulders to theirs. At first I didn't know what to think about it but I see now that it will benefit them greatly.
One of the other things Scott has done....he takes the girls to school each morning. This provides me with extra time to clean, do laundry, work or get PTO stuff done...in quiet. :) He's a good man!
Not all change is good...but what's been taking place at our house is WONDERFUL! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009


It's not a high and noble dream like Martin Luther King...but still...it's my dream. It's certainly not the same dream I had five years ago. Back then I would have given my right arm to be in the Christian music industry. I would have bet my life that was the calling God had placed on me. So many things have happened since then, namely a "bigger than me" confrontation with the Lord. It was my "Jacob" moment. The moment when I finally stopped wrestling with God...the moment that He "marked" me forever so that I would never forget it!

So, I died to that dream...and when I did I saw other God-given gifts in my life that He chose to foster. He has provided me ample opportunities to use these gifts and I've taken each one! He really has blessed me...and now - I feel that the crossroads is in the horizon. A point at which I will be faced with the decision to grow or to plateau. What's stopping me from growing? I'm not really sure. Part of it is a fear of failure...but that's not of Him if I truly believe He is pointing me in that direction. Part of it is lack of resources...but I know that He has everything available to Him and therefore to me if He wills. So, I guess what's stopping me is the absence of a clear word...the path I'm supposed to take.

It's probably no coincidence that our Pastor spoke this past Sunday of Robert Frost's The Road Less Travelled and Jesus' teaching on the broad and narrow. I suppose a lot of people have gone down the path the I'm feeling called to. One Google search proves that it's a pretty travelled path. I can't help but think on the flip side that the road becomes pretty narrow when it's God who calls you to travel it! The fork in the road is on the horizon but in the mean time I will pray and wait...and hopefully He will keep fostering the gift!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dreading Tomorrow

Tomorrow is D-Day...the day we've been dreading now for a few weeks...Scott's tonsillectomy. This is a simple surgery with a mean recovery. Scott HATES to have sore throats. Give him any other pain than that. Several people have told him the worst pain they ever experienced was after having their tonsils removed. I have a feeling it's going to be a rough weekend.

It's rather weird what I've done to prepare for tomorrow...I boarded the dogs. They are playful little pups who are accustomed to waking up at 6am...whether you're ready or not. They bark and growl at one another while playing. It just wouldn't have made for a peaceful environment. I have cleaned...everything...even the carpet. Don't ask me why...it's just the way I am. I have to have clean carpet before I leave town and, apparently, before surgeries. :) The only logical thing that I didn't do was to buy groceries. Go figure!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It was here before I knew it and now...it has passed. The first day of school! We've been very busy this week catching up from last week's events and planning for Scott's tonsillectomy this Friday. While we were prepared for the first day of school, it just didn't feel like the first day of school. I've felt rushed this week with all of my responsibilities at work and the girl's school. Usually, I savor every moment of helping to pack book bags the night before and soak in all the fun of the morning. This year, I delegated book bags to Scott, lunches to the girls and my morning was spent just trying to get out the door! HOWEVER...we had enough time to stop and take a photo....Now, the little one smiled and was very excited. My eldest, on the other hand, was a different story. The only way I coaxed her into getting in the picture was to say, "I can either take the picture here or at school outside of your classroom." She got in front of the camera in a hurry. ;) The eldest was NOT happy to be starting back to school...no way, no how! I heard about how boring it was going to be and how it just wasn't fair...and someone should be sued for making her read four books over the summer. It was pitiful. I knew there were some other issues that she wasn't very excited about facing as well. We had talked about it the night before. So, as I waited in the carpool pick-up line all I could do was pray that God would give her a joyful attitude no matter how her day went. God is faithful...
This, my friends, is the result of a VERY good day! The issues will still be there tomorrow...but for today they were mastered! Looking at her is like looking 23 years into the past at myself!!! I know exactly how she's wired because she's her mother's daughter. We are headstrong and we stand firm...that's a great thing when you are standing against a wrong...but when used incorrectly it can wreak havoc! She made good decisions today and was the leader God made her to be. I'm proud of her...beyond words! :)

So, it's almost time for bed. The end to the first day of school. There are only 170-ish left! :)