Monday, October 26, 2009


It's official...I'm addicted! If my husband would have been with me he would have died of embarrassment...just hearing the story almost did him in! I was in Sunday School by myself yesterday. EK is feeling a bit under-the-weather and Scott stayed home with her. Like all good Southern Baptists we eat each week in Sunday School...and where there is food there must be beverages. While I was in the beverage line looking at my options my eye was caught by the big black and hot pink......BOX TOP! It was calling my name from the Juicy Juice bottle...just staring at me, begging to be torn off! Of course, I couldn't just rip the thing off because it could have been brought in by another mom with a Box Top addiction who was planning to clip it and send it into her child's school. So, I tried, with as much discretion as I could to ask around..."Do you know who brought this Juicy Juice in?" Well, discretion only lasted for so long...people wanted to know WHY I wanted to know! When I told them, I was amazed to find that the other moms understood my plight! Eventually, I found that the bottle belonged to a friend whose child is in preschool. So, I ripped that box top right off and stuck it in my Bible!

Is that sad?!?!.....wait, don't answer that! :)

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Amanda said...

Mandy - I would be glad to feed your addiction; I have a coffee can FULL of campbells labels & box tops that I've been collecting... and no school to give them to! (after effects of being a PS teacher I guess)

Hopefully most of them have not expired yet. Want 'em?