Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It was here before I knew it and has passed. The first day of school! We've been very busy this week catching up from last week's events and planning for Scott's tonsillectomy this Friday. While we were prepared for the first day of school, it just didn't feel like the first day of school. I've felt rushed this week with all of my responsibilities at work and the girl's school. Usually, I savor every moment of helping to pack book bags the night before and soak in all the fun of the morning. This year, I delegated book bags to Scott, lunches to the girls and my morning was spent just trying to get out the door! HOWEVER...we had enough time to stop and take a photo....Now, the little one smiled and was very excited. My eldest, on the other hand, was a different story. The only way I coaxed her into getting in the picture was to say, "I can either take the picture here or at school outside of your classroom." She got in front of the camera in a hurry. ;) The eldest was NOT happy to be starting back to way, no how! I heard about how boring it was going to be and how it just wasn't fair...and someone should be sued for making her read four books over the summer. It was pitiful. I knew there were some other issues that she wasn't very excited about facing as well. We had talked about it the night before. So, as I waited in the carpool pick-up line all I could do was pray that God would give her a joyful attitude no matter how her day went. God is faithful...
This, my friends, is the result of a VERY good day! The issues will still be there tomorrow...but for today they were mastered! Looking at her is like looking 23 years into the past at myself!!! I know exactly how she's wired because she's her mother's daughter. We are headstrong and we stand firm...that's a great thing when you are standing against a wrong...but when used incorrectly it can wreak havoc! She made good decisions today and was the leader God made her to be. I'm proud of her...beyond words! :)

So, it's almost time for bed. The end to the first day of school. There are only 170-ish left! :)

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