Friday, July 31, 2009


Does anyone else but me hear that sound? It is the sound of a school bell and it's getting louder by the day! Now, let me be clear...I realize that "back-to-school" means that my precious ones are getting older - growing up. I do not wish these years away because I can't even think about them being old enough to leave my nest one day. However, I can hardly contain my excitement that SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO START!!!!!!
In just 5 days my home will be mine again! There will be no little people here for hours on end making big messes due to boredom. No little snipped ends of Popsicle wrappers for me to find in the strangest places because someone decided to sneak them. No more paint speckles in my bathtub. (And really, why did they have to use my bathtub anyway? Wouldn't theirs have sufficed?) No more, "She's looking at me and won't stop!" or, "She's breathing too loud!" for me to hear every waking minute.

In just FIVE days (count them and relish..1..2...3...4...5) I will drop them off at school and come back home for a hot cup of the QUIET!!! And then, you want to know what I'll do? The moment will be fleeting and then I will realize that 2 extensions of me are not there. I will start to miss them and get all weepy about the fact that they have moved up one whole grade! Then, I'll watch the clock, eagerly awaiting 2:30 when I will pick them up and hopefully hear about their day.

Ahhh...the life of a Mom! Love it!

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