Monday, January 16, 2012

A Thought About Our Fast for GB Family

Hands down, the hardest thing for me to give up during a fast is Coca-Cola. And, let’s face it, if it’s the hardest for me to give up it really needs to be the first to go. Day 1 of the Awakening fast was fairly easy for me…until around 7:00pm when the headache began. This morning the headache was gone but in its aftermath was a wicked craving for a Coke! Unfortunately, the people who caught the brunt of my frustration of Coke withdrawal were Scott and the girls who were home for the MLK holiday. I knew in my mind and spirit that the only way I could fight the craving was to get alone with God…but three people in a tiny house is not conducive to productive & intimate prayer time…or so I justified. Somewhere around mid-afternoon came this statement from my hubby, “Mandy, you need to go in your prayer closet, in the word or talk to God….something!” And he was absolutely right!

I want to encourage you, if you are having a hard time, please remember that fasting is about seeking God…not about how long you can go without eating. The physical hunger or denying ourselves of something we crave heightens our intimacy with God…but only if we go to Him in our prayer closets during those times. We will not make it otherwise and if we do…we have only been religious. 

I am blessed to seek God with an amazing group of people! I love my church. I love my God.


Erick Rogers said...

Thank you so much Mandy! I needed to here exactly that right now as I type. Thank you for your honesty and allso you do! You also have a great guy for a husband! God bless you guys!


Jaye Bice said...

Such good truth...if we seek HIM these 21 days giving up that pleasurable food will be a synch! Thanks for reminding us of this.

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