Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sanctity of Life

This month is traditionally set aside as Sanctitiy of Life month in churches across this country. I realize that the sanctity of life should be on our minds daily but I am thankful there is a concentrated effort in the church to pause and contemplate this issue for a while (corporately).

I had the priveledge of stepping into leadership at a local Crisis Pregnancy Center a few years ago. I cannot tell you how that year changed my life. Each girl brought with her a unique situation. Some had been gang raped, some were married, some carried stories that they will keep secret forever. Their situations were different but one thing they shared - a decision. A hard decision. This blog post is not for debating the right choice and the wrong choice, although I make no apologies for fighting for the life of unborn babies. This blog is to tell the story of a husband and wife who made a tough decision. It is told by my friend, Ivy. I will let you read for yourself why she is passionate about the sanctity of life...

Written October 5, 2010 by Ivy Laing

in 9 minutes, it will be Jamie's 19th birthday.

and in these 19 years I have seen His faithfulness like some people will never get to see.

oh, she will lay on a bed her whole life? Jesus proved them wrong.
oh, she will have seizures the rest of her life? Jesus used an amazing doctor to prove them wrong.
oh, she doesn't understand what is going on? anyone who meets Jamie obviously knows that Jesus proves them wrong daily.

she is perfect. how could she not be? she was created in His image. He made everything perfect in her body. every single DNA strand was knit together by our Creator. ever single brain cell was placed there by Him. and we don't doubt that. because He sees the whole story and we don't. He sees the glory He is receiving even in this very hour because of Jamie's life.

has it been a bed of roses? no. do we try to fake being a perfect family? once again, we can't even attempt that one. do we know that He chose us for this crazy journey? yes. and I take great hope in that. to know that He thought or knew we were able WITH Him to handle these 19 years and me such peace.

I cannot wait until the day she walks and talks but until then I will hold to the hope that God is using her now. her perserverance can inspire. her smile will push others to strive for their dreams. and her love...the love that kisses strangers on the hand as they open the door...that love WILL CHANGE OUR WORLD. don't ever doubt what our God can do through a willing vessel. and Jamie is a willing vessel.

why not us?

it is a privilege and an honor to call Jamie Leigh Laing my baby sister. I have never been prouder.

and yes, she still sits in my lap.
and yes, some nights I "rock" her to sleep. you tell me you wouldn't do the same?! (that's what I thought:)

i will count and sort bears until she wants to quit. i will sing to her even though she laughs. and I will spoil her...just because I can.

happy birthday,
sissy. you mean the world to us.

and tomorrow...our discussion in class will be about why does misery happen to good people. we will talk about Job.

because He chooses us. :) and I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of true family and the blessings from God.