Friday, September 3, 2010


Life has been hectic lately. That's really the understatement of the century. In the past two months I have felt every emotion possible. There have been very joyful times when I've seen God do something I honestly thought He never would; there have been fun times, in new places, with new friends who feel like they have been around forever; there have been times my heart was ripped from chest leaving me feeling that I would die from the pain; there have been very honest moments between God and me. MANY things in the past two months...and each time God proved to be my faithful warrior, comforter, defender, shield, protector.

Things have settled down for the time being and for the first time in SEVEN years, Scott and I are getting away for our 13th anniversary. Just two chairs, two beach blankets, two for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Two.

We went to the beach on our honeymoon...gosh, we were so young! We were also so poor! Children were not even on the radar and yet, looking back it feels as if they've always been with us. God has blessed us beyond measure...and looking back, I would do it all over again!


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