Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've listened to more sermons on leaving a strong legacy more times than I can possibly recall. I always leave feeling inspired thinking of the generations to come after me. I guess in my mind I didn't realize how soon the legacy would begin to form...and form it has!

I am a singer. I have been a singer since the age of seven when I debuted at Ed's Truck Stop :) in Poulan, GA. I remember what I sang. I remember what I wore. I remember the euphoric feeling when it was all over...the song wasn't the only thing that was over. I was done...ruined for anything but music for the rest of my life. I left that tiny stage that night knowing that singing would forever be a part of who I would be.

While God has definitely shifted my focus for a while, I was mostly right. I can't think of a time that I have not been singing. It provides me a unique way to express to God what is in my heart. I love lyrics that are rich with descriptions of our love of Christ. Harmonies that unite together resulting in the richest of sounds. I'm telling you...music is just in me!

Singing is one thing. Being an authentic worshipper while leading others is another. It took me some time and painful bumps in the road for me to learn and display the difference. Leading with any sin in your life...no matter how "big" or "small" is hypocritical and harmful to the body of Christ. Leading in worship is one of the biggest responsibilities right under the pastor. I can't think of any other position where the move from spiritual to fleshly can be such a slow fade. I've walked that road and I don't plan on ever going that way again.

This legacy came upon me with overwhelming speed. My youngest daughter, who is gifted in several ways artistically, was asked to help lead worship with our friend, TJ. He wanted to publicly affirm her gift so that she would be motivated at an early age to pursue God in this area. I was happy for Emily. I thought about how much fun she would have and the sense of accomplishment she would experience when she was done....

Then it hit me! As we were singing the first song waiting on Em to go up next it hit me that I had to help her begin this pursuit well. I had to pass on a legacy of being a worship leader...one who should be, by all accounts, "invisible" while at the same time pointing others to Christ in worship. No room for pride. No room for self. I leaned over to my sweet, little Em and prayed a blessing over her so that she could hear. I pray that my requests to God on her behalf took root deep in her heart. After I was done I shared a few things with her...and then she took her place.
I cried. I cried not only because I was a proud Mom and that's just what we're supposed to do. I cried because my little eight year old daughter was leading ME and her DADDY in worship! I cannot describe the feeling. Who would have thought that "full circle" would come so soon? I cried because I know her worship was authentic. I see it in her life daily. I cried as she sang words so rich with truth and I begged God to plant them so deep in her heart that they would ruin her for anything else but HIM!!!!

I'm not sure what God has planned for Emily. Her life was unique even while she was in the womb. She lives a life of uniqueness each day based on what God has willed for her so far. This I know...I will work hard on the legacy!

***Photos by Jaye Bice (jbicephotography.blogspot.com)

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