Monday, February 15, 2010


Greenbriar Church staff meetings. There really is no way to describe them. I am the only female in a room full of males. Needless to say, things can become pretty comical! (And most of the time they are laughing but I’m clueless.) I love our time together for many reasons…obviously, laughter is one of them. Another reason is that my family “does life” with these guys and their families…that results in a special bond that doesn’t always happen among church staff. We care for one another. We encourage one another. We teach one another. We hold each other accountable.

Which brings me to today’s staff meeting. Johnny, our College Minister, brought the devotional. To sum it all up it was about the necessity of abiding in Jesus Christ (the Vine) and bearing our own fruit instead of living on the fruit that someone else gets from abiding in Him. The main way we depend on the fruit of others to satisfy us is in the area of Bible study. So often we hear a sermon or lesson that someone else has prepared and we try to live off that instead of going to the Word on our own to see what God has specifically for us. Johnny gave everyone an index card and instructed us to begin writing all of the scriptures we knew…verbatim, with references. Talk about convicting!!!! My poor, pathetic card!

I can find any scripture in the Bible that I need. I’m not talking about going to the concordance. I mean that I know the vicinity of what I’m looking for and can dig for it. BUT, that is not good enough!!!! As we were talking about Johnny’s challenge, I recalled all of the times I have wondered what would happen if the Bible was outlawed in America. What if I had no tangible copy in my hand? I shudder to think about it.

Needless to say, today, I have been convicted. And, today, I must begin doing something about it. My plan? I am adding daily scripture memorization to my Personal Growth Plan. I am beginning tomorrow with the book of James. My goal is to really get it into my heart…not just my head. Anyone up for the challenge?

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Tim said...

OK, Mandy. Don't put me to shame now! LOL. I'm proud of you for both taking and giving this challenge!